Roblox Gear Codes [May 2023] Active code list To Redeem

Roblox Gear Codes are here! So if you are here to collect the most updated and latest Roblox Gear Codes 2023, you can continue your reading for this article. In this today’s article, you will be able to get several info about Roblox Gear along with some valid Roblox Gear Codes.

Roblox provides several Roblox series, highly attracts and exciting players.  Additionally, Roblox gears are used as the tool set of several gear items.  Players use Roblox Gear for various cosmetics. However, let’s know about Roblox Gear Codes 2023 in this article.

Roblox Gear Codes

There are several fascinating game development platforms available nowadays. Among them, Roblox Gear is one of them and it is a great game development platform. The users of Roblox Gear are more than two billion and each of them publish their games on Roblox Gear. Roblox studio, an intuitive desktop app and the users of Roblox Gear use or have to use that Roblox studio to publish their own games.

Do you know that Roblox Gear is one of the toppest game development platforms online? And it is becoming more and more popular day by day.

What is Roblox Gear Code?

Do you know what gear code is? Gear code is a unique feature of Roblox games and was developed by Roblox. Players are able to use gear codes for several valuable purposes.

Here is some good news, you are going to get some things about Roblox Gear Codes and some active and valid Roblox Gear Codes as well.

Roblox Gear Codes 2023

There are several types of gear codes like Roblox gear codes body swap, Roblox gear codes portal gun, Roblox car gear id, Roblox gear codes gun etc. available. And I have tried my best to present the most updated Roblox Gear Codes 2023 to assist you.

Well, are you looking for the Roblox Gear Codes 2023? If yes, you are at the exact place. So check the Roblox Gear Codes 2023 given below and pick your one or more. Then use them and get all the fascinating rewards. So read and scroll.

Following are the gears along with their ID Codes which you can use to get them –

Roblox Gear Type Code
Golden Super Fly Boombox Musical Instruments 212641536
Baseball Bat Sports Equipment 55301897
Rainbow Magic Carpet Commute Gear 225921000
Bombo’s Survival Knife Melee Weapon 121946387
Body Swap Potion Potion 78730532
Attack Doge Fight Companion 257810065
Ronin Katana Melee Weapon 12187348
Arctic Fox Tail Wearable Weapon 188853857
Red Hyperlaser Gun Laser Gun 212296936
Historic ‘Timmy’ Gun Old School Gun 116693764
Gravity Coil Character Equipment 16688968
Boombox Gear 3.0 Musical Instrument 193769809
Ultimate Drive Speedster Commute Gear 253519495
Ice Blue Rolling Hoverboard Commute Gear 2605965785
Silver Ninja Star of the Brilliant Light Ranged Weapon 11377306
Ice Dragon Slayer Mythical Weapon 168141301
Galactic Laser Gun Laser Gun 168143042
Mad Murderer Knife Melee Weapon 170897263
Speed Coil Character Equipment 99119158
Sword of the Epicredness Classic Sword 409745306
Grapple Hook Commute Gear 30393548
BB Gun Close Combat Gun 42845609
Golden Steampunk Gloves Melee Weapon 243790334
Korblox Mage Staff Mythical Weapon 127506105
Starblox Latte Beverage 15932306
Beat Up Super Jank Boombox Musical Instrument 319655993
Penguin Power Pet Companion 172248941
Claymore Classic Sword 11452821
Teddy Bloxpin Toy 12848902
Luger Pistol Old School Pistol 95354288
Trench Warfare Shotgun Classic Gun 94233344
Katana Classic Sword 11453385
Red Rolling Hoverboard Commute Gear 398675172
Golden Rolling Hoverboard Commute Gear 928805891
Delux Rainbow Magic Carpet Commute Gear 477910063
Paint Bucket Miscellaneous 18474459
Mad Morning Star Swing Weapon 170902990
Fuse Bomb Throwable Weapon 11563251
Spikesplosion Throwable Weapon 73888479
Black Hole Bomb Throwable Weapon 28277486
Paint Grenade Throwable Weapon 172246820
Subspace Tripmine Explosive Device 11999247
Hot Potato Throwable Weapon 25741198
Exploding Heart Throwable Weapon 178076989
CocoWHAAA? Throwable Weapon 24396804
Pig Boson Collidor Funny Gun 88143093
Bundle of TNT Deadly Explosive 12902404
Crowbar Melee Weapon 21445765
Fiery Bone Trap Trap 63253706
Implosion Bomb Throwable Weapon 108875216

Latest Working Roblox Gear Codes 2023

Here in this part, I have provided the collection of the most updated and latest working Roblox Gear Codes 2023. You will be able to get several benefits by using those gear codes. I highly hope that you will be satisfied. So check below:

Roblox Gear Codes Melee



Bombo’s Survival Knife


Amethyst Periastron Kappa


Rainbow Omega Katana


The Necrosapien Staff


Arctic Fox Tail


Most Favorited Ranged Codes



Exploding Arrow Crimson Crossbow


Heat Seeking Missile Launcher


Battle Bottle


Merely’s Web Slinger


Exponential Rocket Launcher


Most Favorite Social Codes



Blizzard Wand


Danceblaster 7000


Meteor Staff


Pretty Pretty Princess Sceptor


Clown Bomb


Roblox Gear Codes Boombox



Stinky Underwear Launcher


Festive Dueling Piano






Sonic Boom Tuba


Most Favorited Building Codes



Mad Morning Star


Paint Bucket


Most Favorited Explosive Codes



Black Hole Bomb


Subspace Tripmine


Paint Grenade




Fuse Bomb


Most Favorited Navigation Codes



Merely’s Web Slinger


Explosive Super Glider


Seranok’s Rocket Jumper


Korblox Evil Eye


Blow Dryer


How to Use Roblox Gear Codes?

Most importantly, do you know how to use Roblox Gear Codes properly? Here in this section I have provided the methods of using Roblox Gear Codes accurately. Additionally, I have presented those methods within the bullet.

  • 1st method- Log in your Roblox account.
  • 2nd method- Find out the redeem page and visit it.
  • 3rd method- A text box will be shown there.
  • 4th method- Enter your active and valid gear codes in the box and press on the redeem button.
  • 5th method- And then, you will be able to get and enjoy several rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions of Roblox Gear

  • What is Roblox Gear?

Roblox Gear or gear codes are mixed with some specific numbers and they are used to enjoy several rewards free of costs.

  • What is the most annoying gear on Roblox?

The most annoying gear on Roblox is Mega Annoying Megaphone, was published in the avatar shop in late 2011.

  • What is the first gear in Roblox?

The first gear item in Roblox is the Sword of ROBLOX Classic Brigand.

So are you satisfied with all of our valid and active Roblox Gear Codes? Hope, yes! Actually all the Roblox Gear Codes are amazing. Well, I will try to come up with the latest gear codes in the next article.

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